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SEA20 Vacuum Kit (SET) (AS)

SA03 011 7314

The practical STIHL SEA 20 cordless handheld vacuum cleaner is designed so domestic users can quickly and easily clean small areas in the home. The STIHL SEA 20 lets you clean easily, conveniently and quietly. The high-powered 10 V handheld vacuum cleaner from STIHL is lightweight and ergonomic.

The softgrip handle ensures a firm hold and means you can comfortably operate the start button of the STIHL SEA 20 with either your right or left hand. The power tool has a locking solution to facilitate continuous operation without having to keep the control lever pressed. A flexible non-return flap behind the suction nozzle reliably keeps the vacuumed dirt inside the collection box, and is easy to detach when you need to empty and clean the box. Excellent filter performance is achieved with the two-stage filter system, and the filter can also be easily cleaned and reused.

Working time with AS 2: 14 Mins. Uses the same battery as the STIHL GTA 26 Garden Pruner and the STIHL HSA 26 small Hedge Trimmer.

Included with the SEA 20 (SET):

1 x crevice nozzle
1 x universal nozzle with removable bristle attachment
1 x extension tube
1 x vacuum hose
1 x bag
1 x AS2 Battery & Charger

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